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Checklist for an online store.

How to prepare for the launch of advertising during discounts and seasonal sales
Online shopping is gaining immense popularity. Every day, more and more people buy goods online. Due to the ever-increasing competition in the e-commerce sphere, it is essential to continuously develop and use new channels to attract customers to your website.

Occasionally, all companies hold various promotions to reduce product prices. But there are common sales that take place in almost all stores at the same time. These are seasonal discounts and promotions before significant holidays such as Halloween or New Year. And, of course, Black Friday is a significant event for shopping enthusiasts. Every year, such sales are held at a particular time and can last from several days to a month. Of course, everyone benefits from these events.

This is an excellent opportunity for buyers to purchase the goods they need at a very favorable price. You can even plan to buy expensive items at this time. And for online store owners, this is a unique opportunity to increase their income.

This is only possible if you are well prepared in advance. This checklist is a list of practical recommendations that will help you adequately cope with attracting customers to your store during advertising, especially during the hot sales period.

1. Prepare a unique discount system in advance

Considering exciting and creative promotional offers is essential to differentiate yourself from competitors. Take this point with responsibility. Plan marketing materials and launch advertising campaigns. You can maximize discounts on leftover goods and slightly reduce the price of best sellers.

You can also attract customers’ attention effectively: by adding small gifts to the order—for example, a case, cosmetic samples, and accessories. Consider the specifics of the goods. It is better to choose a film for phones and cosmetics and add pieces.

2. Take care of product availability and logistics

Reserve the required amount of goods from suppliers in advance. It’s essential to meet the demand to avoid losing customers. Also, calculate the stock of products for the period after the sale so that your business does not stand idle due to its shortage.

Подбайте про наявність товару та логістику

Another critical point is the organization of timely delivery. During the sale, the load on transportation services increases. Consider hiring additional managers and couriers and sending orders through several delivery operators.

3. Create an atmosphere of expectation

Створіть атмосферу очікування

Warm up your audience gradually by announcing sales a few weeks in advance. Start sending emails with discounts in advance, and ensure the messages are displayed correctly on mobile devices.

Send a series of emails to regular customers. You can also encourage customers through social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram). Use persuasive text to facilitate purchases. This way, you will draw attention to your website and attract a new audience.

Customers risk choosing favor of another store, so informing them about upcoming discounts and promotions as early as possible is essential. It’s better to send a series of emails rather than just one.

4. Optimize your website for mobile devices

Ensure your store is easy to navigate and has a simplified payment process. If your website is aimed at users who access it only via laptop or computer, you need to act immediately. After all, most people today make purchases from mobile devices.

Оптимізуйте сайт для мобільних пристроїв

Take a look at how your website looks on different devices. If it needs any changes or improvements, do it! This way, you will increase sales and the number of satisfied customers.

5. Prepare the technical part

One of the key tasks when preparing for an increase in workload is to check the technical part in detail. Here are a few things to do:

Take care of these issues in advance on your own or contact our team, which will be happy to help you with this issue promptly and professionally.

6. Provide omnichannel service

Prepare for an increased workload: people will write in messengers, by mail, and through online consultants. Make sure you provide quick feedback across all channels.

If you advertise on social media, it would be appropriate to redirect customers directly to the messenger. This way, you can process new applications as quickly as possible.

7. Work with social media pages

Social media is a powerful revenue generator, but for some reason, some businesses underestimate it. To make them work, you need to prepare carefully. Here are some useful tips:

8. Gather a base for remarketing

People who visit your website after clicking on an advertisement or being interested in a promotional offer will not necessarily become your customers. But you need to do everything possible to ensure they return to your online store when they are ready to purchase.

And remarketing campaigns will help you with this. Install the Facebook Pixel on your website and the code for collecting the remarketing database from Google Ads. That’s all you need to do. Now, during the peak growth of website traffic, you can gather a large audience for sending future ads.

Let’s summarize

For the owner of any online store, advertising during available discounts is extremely important. This is an opportunity to make your brand known, get regular customers, and increase profits.

Using these tips, you can get the desired result. After all, timely preparation and planning are the basis of successful sales.

And suppose you don’t have the time or resources to prepare your business for advertising. In that case, you can always contact our team of professionals, who will do it for you comprehensively and efficiently!