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We generated a turnover of 4 million UAH for a women’s shoe store.

A Ukrainian manufacturer of women’s footwear contacted us.

The task was relatively trivial – increasing the quality and quantity of direct mail orders and sales.

Previously, advertising was launched only through the “promote” button. The number of sales was deficient. There was no website, and the content on the page was simple and weak.

After analyzing the client’s situation, we drew up an action plan for our team:

First of all, we took on the content: a professional photo shoot; updated highlights (pinned stories); local hashtags that helped bring the account to the top of the search results; a content plan taking into account new headings; copyright (text under publications); and a few more secret tricks of our SMM specialist that we cannot talk about yet.

As a result of our work, the conversion rate of the profile began to grow. In the first month, we managed to raise it from 1.5% to 5.3%. The average number of views in stories increased from 130 to 1100. The number of subscribers became 2.3 times higher than the number of unsubscribes.

We also implemented CRM to facilitate the work of managers and increase their efficiency. It became easier to use the reminder system, so now we don’t lose any applications.

The best strategy is when each manager leads their clients, remembering to complete the necessary tasks on time.

Of course, this is not all of our work, but we can’t reveal all the secrets at once!

What else I want to share with you is the results of our cooperation after six months. Just look at these figures.

✔️ Advertising budget: 10 305$
✔️ Applications: 15 077
✔️ Bid price: 0,68$
✔️ Number of sales: 2 228
✔️ Sales amount: 4 233 200 UAH
✔️ ROAS: 1 081%

We continue to work with this client, so we are confident these figures will grow even more soon.