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How to provide access to Facebook Ads Manager for audit of advertising campaigns: step-by-step instructions.

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Як надати доступ до Facebook Ads Manager

    You may need to grant access to the Facebook Ads Account when you need to involve other people in your advertising work – subordinates, outsourced specialists, or an advertising agency.

    In this article, we’ll show you how to grant access to the advertising account when you need to audit your advertising campaigns by a third-party specialist. This level of access will allow the specialist to view reports and advertising campaigns but will not allow them to make any changes.

    Delegate access rights to partners in Facebook Ads Manager

    Go to Ads Manager, which can be accessed via the link below. Click “Open”


    Next, go to the “Menu” – “Company Settings” (upper-left corner).

    In the interface, open “Users” – “Partners”, where you click on the “Add” button. Next, select from the list “Grant partner access to your objects.”

    Enter the ID of the partner to whom you want to grant access rights.

    Next, you need to select the type of object. In our case, it is an “Advertising account”. Select the desired advertising account in the middle column and check the box next to it. In the rightmost column, select the “Full control” access level.

    Next, go to the next object, Pages, and select New Pages or New Pages Experience. Select the desired resource and access level and move to the next Pixels object.

    In the “Pixels” object, you must select the pixel you have installed on your site (you can check with our managers). Next, set the access level and go to the next object “Instagram account”

    “Instagram account” – select the Instagram profile and set the access level, and then go to the next object “Domains”

    In the Domains section, select your domain and grant access to it. If you have other objects to which you need to grant access, our managers will notify you. Next, click the “Save changes” button in the lower right.

    An invitation link will be sent to the partner. After these actions, your partner will be able to view reports and see the running ads.

    In case you have any difficulties, please contact us, and our specialists will help you with this procedure.

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